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Shining a Light on Invisible Flat Time to Illuminate Offshore Cost Savings

June 25, 2021

Offshore operations spend more time waiting and much less time drilling than a land-based rig.  In fact, a typical offshore well consists of 70-80% flat, or non-drilling time.  Safety on the high seas and capital expenditures outlay as much as 20x that of most onshore drilling operations. This...

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Top 10 Ways to Save Millions on Offshore Drilling Operations

January 20, 2021

Corva is shrinking offshore drilling costs and dropping more revenue to the bottom line, from the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea to offshore Africa and the Asia Pacific.  Equipped with real-time data and the industry’s leading analytics platform spanning 65+ drilling apps, Corva’s clients are...

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Take Control of Flowback with Connection Fingerprinting and Trip Sheets

October 7, 2020

The space between formation and fracture pressure is a moving target that drillers must continuously hit to prevent flowback and lost circulation. Kicks and blowouts are especially likely to occur while tripping in and out or connecting stands, underscoring the need to monitor a complex variety of...

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Corva Offshore: How to Drill One Run Sections Faster While Maximizing Safety

July 13, 2020

Safety rules the seas, making “steady as she goes” the mantra for offshore drilling.  But it’s a constant balancing act to prioritize crew and environmental safety with the capital outlay required for offshore rigs and drilling operations.  Whether you are focused on North Sea, Gulf of Mexico,...

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