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Top Workflows to Supercharge Your Drilling and Completions Operations

December 9, 2022

Drive performance efficiencies across drilling and completions operations with these top workflows. Watch Corva product experts show that by simply setting up these workflows, your teams can:

  • Safely accelerate ROP

  • Performance tune connection times

  • Automate drilling parameters and reduce costs

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Top 5 Benefits of Corva's Drillouts Suite

January 28, 2022

Using Corva’s extensive suite of Drillout Apps, you can equip your team with the real-time analysis they need to efficiently drillout plugs while avoiding hazards. The Corva App Store for Drillouts has custom solutions dedicated to targeting hole cleaning, circulation, buckling, and other drillout...

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Collaborating Around Real-Time Drilling and Completions Data Has Never Been This Easy

June 10, 2021

We often talk about the torrent of data flowing in from the rig and your WITSML stream is where a lot of time is spent drinking from the firehose. Staring at traces all day, sifting that stream for insights from real-time drilling data is tedious work, and looping others in to troubleshoot can be...

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The Completions Data Optimization Toolkit You've Been Looking For

February 3, 2021

Want a real-time view of your completions?  Despite the fact that nearly everything in our lives can be live-streamed, engineers who want to know the current status of frac and wireline operations will most likely have to hop in the truck, put boots on the ground, and cram into the frac van or...

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Drive Knowledge Sharing With All-New Annotations

June 8, 2020

Corva automatically captures drilling and completion insights in real-time, surfacing valuable insights into performance through its Metrics Engine, and apps like Driller’s Roadmap and BHA Optimization apps.  But what about best practices and lessons learned that come from human observation,...

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Corva Feed, Your Single Source for Everything Drilling and Completions

June 8, 2020

Drilling and completion projects are heavily dependent on collaboration among large teams who may be separated by hundreds of miles.  Orchestration requires meticulous attention to constantly evolving operational activity, data, and communications across multiple channels.  Conversations often...

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Completions Swap Over Challenge: Trim 25 Minutes in Two Weeks

February 25, 2020

Completion Swap Over Challenge: Trim 25 Minutes in Two Weeks

Whether the completion operation is in full swing or on standby, you’re still paying upwards of $100,000 a day, underscoring the need to minimize nonproductive time.  That comes out to be about $70 a minute or a dollar and some change...

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Frac Chemical Optimization: Stop Pouring Money Down the Drain

November 7, 2019

How slick does your slick water frac really need to be?  When it comes to maximizing hydraulic fracturing performance it seems the industry is willing to throw money at the problem.  It’s better to over-use expensive chemical additives than under-use.  But the costs add up for friction reducer...

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Corva and Drill2Frac Join Forces to Create High Performance Wells

September 17, 2019

Corva, the leading provider of real-time drilling and completion analytics, and Drill2Frac, the leading provider of rock characterization services for hydraulic fracturing design, announce that they have formed a strategic alliance to provide advanced completion optimization services to the oil &...

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New Frac Optimization Platform Expands Corva’s Leading Drilling Cloud, Continues Its Vision for the Digital Oilfield of the Future

July 22, 2019

Corva extends track record of digital transformation for drilling with release of hydraulic fracturing data analysis tools, enabling oil & gas producers to optimize frac performance, avoid hazards, and cut costs using big data and real-time monitoring.

Corva, the leader in real-time drilling...

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