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Drill Faster Using ROP and MSE Heatmaps

October 17, 2017

Data analytics is one of the hottest topics in drilling today. Corva provides a major opportunity for operators and drilling contractors to improve rate of penetration using powerful visualizations and easy-to-use recommendations.

Image: ROP and MSE heatmaps in the Corva v2 platform on web and...

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Is Factory Drilling the Future?

August 2, 2017

Throughout history, many industrial sectors including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and now oil & gas, are faced with the dilemma of scaling the supply chain to increase production. Let’s use a factory as an illustration of our main points. Factories add assembly lines, automate processes,...

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How Big Data is Revolutionizing O&G Companies - Corva’s V2 Platform

June 14, 2017

As O&G companies find ways to make their drilling operations more cost-effective, many are scrambling to understand the concept of Big Data. Some operators understand the opportunities presented by Big Data but are challenged to form a strategy to take advantage of the vast capabilities of...

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Corva Announces Funding Round

March 14, 2017

Corva announces the closing of a key funding round from Houston-based investors led by Dharmesh Mehta.

Corva’s mission will be enhanced by the investment team’s wealth and diversity of industry experience. Most recently, Dharmesh Mehta served as Chief Operating Officer and EVP, Strategy of...

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Corva Is Growing!

March 7, 2017

Corva is continuing our expansion in preparation for widespread adoption and the April release of Version 2 of our real time drilling and analytics platform.

Currently open positions:

  • Drilling Optimization Analyst (Houston)
  • Drilling Engineer Subject Matter Expert (SME) (Houston)
  • Account Manager...

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